What would you do if you were not afraid? That is the question I ask myself each year around January 1, as I’m reviewing my goals from the previous year and setting my intentions and goals for the coming year. Each year, I buy a new paper journal and reserve the first page for my goals. This year, this question weighed heavy on my mind. Why? This New Year also signals the approaching date of my birthday, and today, I turned 40. Instead of cracking a new journal and getting to work, I dug through my old journals to see how many I could find. I started my reading at 2007:

Practice more yoga and meditation.

Get pregnant with our second child.

Become a travel expert for families.

Later that year, I had a miscarriage. I also wrote my first blog post. I didn’t write another journal entry until 2008. That next year, our second daughter was born.

2010. This was my favorite year of all of my NYE goals entries.

Attend a yoga/meditation retreat.

Run a half-marathon.

Let go of the lies and fears that are holding me back. 

That year, I ran my first full marathon on 10-10-10 and signed up for a 40 days of yoga workshop with a dear friend that would forever change my perspective on motherhood, me, and my decision to stop making excuses and dive headfirst into pursuing my passion, with this blog as the catalyst. It was not just the goals from this year, and the achievement of them that delighted me, but the journal entries and the clarity of my voice and sense of purpose during those journal entries that year that stood out.

I was so clear on what I needed to let go of, what lies I was telling myself and what was holding me back from pursuing the dreams that I wanted for myself and my very young family. The lie that there is no time for me. That I’m too busy. Too tired. That I am not “expert enough.” That I am responsible for my children’s stories and that my story didn’t matter as much anymore. It was in these moments that I was able to push through the mental chatter and fear that holds me back to create my own story and make space for what matters. And as a result, I knocked my goals out of the park that year. There is still much work to do.

2015. I love this compilation of photos my friend took from New Year’s Eve. Why? Because it is a reminder for me that these moments can be found when you least expect them. In a trip. In an evening with friends. In the abundance of love and encouragement from the people in my life. In the simple reminders to laugh and smile more and not take myself and my goals too seriously. In the moments I make a decision to pursue my dreams with tenacity and commit to letting them take shape in whatever form that may be. And to enjoy the journey.


My goals for 2015 are taking shape now. But instead of scribing out a long list of goals for the New Year. I wrote:

2015. Questions to ask this year:

Does it bring me energy?
Does it help me meet my goals of what’s most important to me?
Does it provide me with an opportunity to learn something new?

Progress, no?

Oh…and I’ve committed to write a book. More on that to come. 🙂

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