Disclosure and Editorial Policy

We want you to know that honesty and authenticity are the core of our recommendations and the experiences we share here on HipTravelMama.com. HipTravelMama may from time to time be hired by a company for consulting services through her consulting business, Anne Taylor Communications, LLC (dba Hip Travel Media) related to digital marketing, services. We may also be invited to review a property, product or recommend a travel service that we use, or inspires us and want to share that experience with our readers and viewers.

As is common practice in the travel industry, we may also take trips that are sponsored by a travel company, airline, hotel, tourist attraction, destination or consumer product. If a trip or experience was sponsored or paid for, we will disclose that information within the post or review. As always, you can always expect an authentic and honest opinion about our experience like you would from a trusted friend.

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