pike place market on a cloudy day

Nothing feeds the travel bug like being a tourist in your own backyard. Just back from our trip to Hawaii, with the grey skies hanging thick on the horizon in Seattle, I have spring fever and I’m already ready to plan our next great escape. So yesterday, with this fine city of Seattle as my playground, I eagerly packed up the kids for a quick jaunt down to Pike Place Market for a taste of spring and some comfort food. Whether you are a visitor or local, here’s how you can do Pike Place Market with kids in the two critical hours before lunch and nap time – just enough to satisfy the traveler in you and before your little ones’ attention span runs out.

Beecher’s Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

There is a reason why Beecher’s mac and cheese was on Oprah’s favorite things last year. There is nothing more delicious than gooey, melted Beecher’s cheese. Seattle’s artisan cheese maker delights with a menu fit for the cheese lover, and delivers the perfect food for the soul on a dark and cloudy day. Kids will also enjoy watching them handcraft cheese in big vats, while they pull apart their yummy sandwiches.

Sweet Macaroons and Espresso at Le Panier

Filled with delicious french pastries, Le Panier is a ‘window to France” in the heart of Pike Place Market. We snacked on delicate madeleines and I had a yummy cappuccino while we pretended we were in a cafe in Paris.

A Taste of Spring in the Market

spring tulips at pike place market

I have made it an annual tradition to head to the market at the first sign of spring to gather huge bouquets of tulips. It helps brighten my mood and keep my spring fever at bay.

Catch a Flying Fish at the Market

fish market pike placeMy kids squeel with delight as the fish fly across the counter and they look at all of the big eyeballs on the fresh fish. Grab some fresh fish for dinner and entertain your little ones in the process.

Want more? Consider Pike Place Market’s “Around the Market in 80 minutes” adventure, a fun game that encourages participants to search and discover the Market. Clues are given to participants who must locate five check-in points around the Market to be eligible to receive a prize package awarded to each event’s winner. “Around the Market in 80 Minutes” takes place the last Sunday of each month. Mark your calendars for upcoming adventures on March 27, April 17, May 29, and June 26 and visit Pike Place Market online to learn more about this fantastic Seattle icon.

What are your favorite things to do at Pike Place Market with kids?

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