There are a lot of excuses why we moms always put ourselves dead last on our long list of to-dos we cross off each week. But you know when you are ready for a break, and so does your family. If you live in the Seattle area, or are a short drive away, here are the top 5 reasons why your husband wants you to go to Mama’cation at Willows Lodge on Nov 13-14, 2010.

#5: He really wants to get quality time with the kids and with you gone, he finally gets his chance.

#4: He gets to watch football all weekend on the couch while the kids graze on chips and pizza without you nagging him.

#3: He knows you will be rested and recharged when you get home. Because everyone knows,” if mama ‘aint happy, ‘aint nobody happy.”

#2: He knows if you come home rested and recharged, he may have some credits in the bank for some hanky panky.

#1: He loves you and you DESERVE it. You work hard to keep the family on schedule and this is his gift to you.

So ladies – make your husband happy and register for Mama’cation. Your whole family will thank you for it.

Call Willows Lodge to book at (877) 424.3930.

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