It is officially fall and the kids (and you) are finally settled back in the weekly back to school routine. Now is the perfect time to get out those school calendars, sports tournament dates, and your other commitments to map out all of your vacations for the full school year. Here are my expert tips on how to plan out your whole school year of travel in six easy steps.

And I have some exciting news to share.

For more than 11 years, I’ve shared tips to inspire you how, when and where to travel with your family to savor these 18 fleeting years and precious summers we have with our kids under our roof. To take your family travel planning (and action) to the next level, I’ve partnered with my amazing, travel-savvy friend Amie O’Shaughnessy, CEO of Ciao Bambino, a full service travel agency specializing in family travel and extraordinary travel experiences for families. Amie and her team of family travel experts have helped thousands of families travel successfully (and in style) to every continent. They are experts in family travel adventures and take the headache out of travel planning.

To kick things off, this week I shared these six steps to plan your whole school year of family vacations and when to use a travel advisor in detail with Bill Wixey at Q13FOX This Morning in Seattle. We touched on so much that we will unpack over the coming months such as creating a family wish list, identifying a budget, and the importance of creating a long term travel plan. And there is much more to come. Together with the team at Ciao Bambino in 2020, we will, as Amie puts it in her recent blog post, “push travel planning up the priority list and put intention behind the travel experiences we want to share with our families months and years ahead of time.

How do you make time to travel a priority?

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