You know how much I love my iPad and how it is the best travel gadget ever invented for traveling with kids, right? Today, I added one more app to my collection of best iPad apps for kids and family travel. The new Bing iPad app packs the beauty and functionality of the decision engine into a easy-to-navigate package on your iPad. I’ve had the Bing iPhone app on my iPhone for some time, but the Bing iPad app is a marked improvement over its original iPhone version. The Bing iPad app will be getting good use in our house and on the road as we travel.

“Mommy, What is….?” As my kids get older, it seems that everyday they ask me a question for which I don’t have the answer. So we look it up and I often toggle between Bing and Google to find answers. What I love about Bing is how it makes search beautiful and this app is no exception. Here are some of my favorite family-friendly features of the new Bing iPad app:

Bing Homepage Image and Trivia: tap the screen and you can learn more about those beautiful and inspiring photos on the Bing Home page with the touch of a finger. Great for young kids who ask “Mommy, what is…?”

Great for Travel: Maps and Local Business Information: Traveling to a new destination and want a quick visual of the businesses around you without having to squint on a small screen? The Bing App helps you find where you are, locate local restaurants and businesses and get directions to them easily.

Movie Listings: We’ve had lots of rainy days here in Seattle, so movies have been top of mind. With a finger swipe, I was able to find the latest kid-friendly movies, watch a trailer and see show times at theaters near me on one screen. Pretty slick.

Image Search: Looking for inspiration for your next trip? Do an image search for “beaches” or your favorite destination on the Bing app and you can swipe through a gallery of pictures.

News and Trending Topics: The Bing iPad app also does a great job of helping you get a quick visual of top headlines and trending topics so you can stay up on current events.

Give it a whirl: Download the new Bing iPad App here.

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