In Seattle, the gray overcast skies and rain in January and February can definitely test your mood and make you crave more time outside to run and play. Typically with the din of the holidays behind us, we do our best to plan our escapes to sunshine during these winter months to keep our spirits up and satisfy our travel bug. Recently, we were able to connect with a fantastic group of friends and their families for a trip to Maui, Hawaii and we had an absolute blast. I’m always amazed at how vibrant blue and green the islands can feel in the middle of winter and I never grow tired of the warm air and sun on my skin and the smiles on my children’s faces as they run free on the beach and splash in the ocean. These joyful times with family and friends are memories that will last all of us a lifetime.

In the next few posts, I will be chronicling our family friendly accommodations on Maui and offer tips for traveling with other families. I’ll provide a Hip Travel Mama perspective on a couple of family friendly accommodations in both Ka’anapali and Wailea and offer tips and recommendations for where to stay, where to eat and some fun activities for the whole family. So if you are planning your next winter or spring break getaway and Maui is on your list, keep an eye out for some hip tips for affordable luxury travel with kids to Maui.

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