I love the beach. Sun, surf and endless hours of playing in the sand with the kids. Not sure what beach vacation fits your family’s style and budget this summer? The team at Expedia has developed a very cool new Beachgoer Facebook quiz to help you discover what type of beachgoer you are and determine your perfect Beach Travel profile. After answering a few quick questions, I discovered that Argentina would be a great international beach for our family. I also get a list of bloggers to follow to learn more about their top recommendations and bucket lists. I’m thrilled to be a part of this group of travel bloggers that includes some of my favorite travel blogger friends including; Johnny Jet, Beth Whitman, Wanderlust and Lipstick, Spencer Spellman, The Traveling Philosopher, Trish Friesen with TripStyler and Carol Cain, New York City Mama. The full list of rock star travel bloggers can be found here. I was pleased to discover that HipTravelMama popped up as a result of me taking the quiz. Whew!

Biggest Summer Sale in Expedia’s history

If you haven’t booked that summer beach vacation, you are in luck. With this new Beachgoer Facebook app, Expedia just launched its biggest summer sale in the history of the company. I’ve done some searching and with airfare high this summer, the packages for travel to beach destinations are pretty darn great.

Summer Flip Flop Report: You are hitting the beach this Summer

Expedia also released the results of a new, Flip Flop Report, where they surveyed beachgoers worldwide to better understand how we like to travel. The result – while we love to lounge around on the beach, we are still super cost-conscious. In the US, the most important factor for 78% of beachgoers is the total trip price. The beach itself matters too – total vacation price and beach quality are the #1 and #2 criteria for travelers in 14 of the 21 countries surveyed – but the cost of the visit is the top consideration. The study also found:

The Popularity of the Beach is Unsurpassed: Argentineans are the most sun-soaked, spending an average of 11 days at a time, while Koreans spent a mere 3.2 days per trip, while Americans are creatures of habit: one of the least important criteria for Americans when selecting a beach location is the desire to find a new location.

For Most Beachgoers, the Most Popular Activity is No Activity At All: Relaxing and sunbathing were among the top two activities for beachgoers across all five continents. The Irish, at 75%, were the most likely to relax, while Mexicans (79%) seem to be happiest with lying in the sun. Brazilians (40%) were likeliest to exercise on the beach; when doing so, they may well stumble over the Japanese, who were 14 times likelier to relax (28%) than exercise (2%).

Germans are Likeliest to Sunbathe Nude: Germans displayed the most permissive attitudes towards nude sunbathing. A full 15% of German respondents indicated that they sunbathed naked. Indians and Spaniards (8%) were the second-likeliest to shed their clothing, while the French (5% clothing-free) were more aligned with Americans (2%), the British (2%) and the Japanese (1%).

View the full report, and take a closer look at this super retro and cool infographic with great stats on what beachgoers like you are doing around the world.


Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Expedia as part of HipTravelmama’s paid participation as a travel blogger in the new Expedia Beachgoer App and Blogger Recommendation Tool.

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