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Chances are, if you haven’t already visited the Hawaiian Islands, a family Hawaii vacation is on your travel bucket list. Maybe you’ve spent time on Maui like our family, but want to explore more of Kauai, or Hawaii Island. I’m thrilled today to reveal a project that I’ve been working on this year with Alaska Airlines to inspire you to plan a trip to explore more of the Hawaiian Islands with your family. This video is the first in a two-part series designed to give you a quick overview of each of the major Hawaiian islands and share practical tips I’ve learned from years traveling to Hawaii with our family and friends.

The goal: Give you the tools to start planning your trip and get you out to explore more of the Hawaiian Islands with your family.

For years, we’ve flown Alaska Airlines from Seattle to the Hawaiian Islands (on our own family dime). I love Alaska’s new “Explore More, Spend Less” campaign, as it fits perfectly with Hip Travel Mama’s mission to inspire a well-traveled family – raising more confident, culturally aware and connected families through travel. Traveling with a family takes a lot of planning and resources and nothing gives me greater joy than working with partners like Alaska Airlines to help you explore more of the world together, making memories with your family. Check out the video above and let me know what you think!

Hip Travel Mama and Alaska Airlines #ExploreMoreHawaii

What is it about Hawaii that is so captivating? As I write this, I can’t help but jam to my favorite “IZ” Hawaiian music channel on Pandora and I have this overwhelming urge to get on a plane and go. My husband and I honeymooned on Maui and our first family trip was to Oahu when our first daughter was just six months old.  Since then, we’ve spent countless winters on white sandy beaches in Hawaii with our kids, relaxing island style, and making #welltraveledfamily memories in the Hawaiian Islands.

For me, the magic of Hawai’i is in the little moments that help me recharge. Hawaii’s warm, tropical air and sun as it hits my skin getting off the plane, the intense blue and green color of the sky and landscape as we drive the windy roads to the beach, the sand between my toes, watching my kids play in the sand and surf all day without their iPods, and the gentle trade winds filled with the smell of sweet plumeria.  Every time we visit the Hawaiian Islands, there is always more to explore, and a sense of coming “home.” The trip starts the moment we board the plane, with the Hawaiian music and Mai Tais and POG juice on our way to paradise.

family hawaii vacations and westin maui

#ExploreMoreHawaii Expert Twitter Chat: Nov 21, 2013 9:30 a.m. PT/7:30 a.m. Honolulu time. Are you and your family heading to Hawaii soon? Get the inside scoop on which island to explore on your next family trip, when to fly to get the best fares, how to find the best hotel rooms and suites for your brood, when to share accommodations with other families to split the cost of the trip, and where to eat and play with your kids in the sand and surf. Mark your calendars to join me, @AlaskaAir and other Hawaii experts on Twitter, Thursday, Nov 21 at 9:30 a.m. PT by following the hashtag #ExploreMoreHawaii. Are you new to Twitter, or never participated in a Twitter chat before? Don’t worry. It’s really like a big party online where you can follow what everyone is talking about at the same time by searching the hashtag. I’ll provide more details later this week on how to join in. In the meantime, all you need is to sign up for a Twitter account to participate. TweetChat is a great resource that walks you through how to follow a hashtag conversation. 

#exploremorehawaii twitter chat with @AlaskaAir and @HipTravelMama

Have a Hawaii travel question? I’ll also be posting answers to Hip Travel Mama’s Facebook page, so you can leave a comment below, or head on over there to ask me a question and it may be included in our Twitter chat next week!

Limited-Time Hawaii Vacation Deals: #ExploreMoreHawaii with an Alaska Airlines Vacation Package featuring Starwood Hawaii Resorts.

As the dark days of winter approach most of North America, can you imagine spending your winter, or spring break sitting poolside, frolicking on the beach with your family, hiking tropical waterfalls in the Hawaiian Islands? Me too. Alaska Airlines has partnered with Starwood Hawaii Resorts (Starwood is also a Hip Travel Mama partner) to offer Alaska Airlines’ best Hawaii vacation package deals all year. Book your air and hotel package between November 5, 2013, and December 1, 2013, for travel from January 8, 2014, to May 22, 2014.Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.41.41 PM

Which island would you most like to explore in Hawaii and why? 

Next week, we’ll share the next video in this series to give you practical tips on where to stay, when to fly and how to maximize your family budget to Hawaii. In the meantime, do you have a question about planning your trip to Hawaii?  Ask us by leaving your questions in the comments below or on our Facebook page .

#exploremorehawaii share which island you want to explore?


– Anne

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