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When packing for a trip, the biggest mistake we make is that we over pack. We need far less than we think we do, especially when heading to warmer climates. Traveling with younger kids will mean you’ll need to have a little bit more gear (such as a stroller/car seat or carrier) but it’s still possible for every family to pack wisely for their travels. Here are some of my essential hip travel packing tips for your family trip:


1. Lightweight packable roller suitcase. The Biaggi foldable carry-on is a great option for a packable roller biaggi, hip packing tips, family travel packing tipssuitcase. It folds flat and comes in six colors–including the always stylish and HTM favorite orange!

hip packing tips, family travel packing tips

 2. Large carry-on tote. I love my waterprooof Merin tote, created by a   Seattle mom. It’s perfect for having in the airport and on the plane to keep  kids coordinated. I always pack a hat, sunglasses, a scarf to keep warm if we’re switching climates, a smaller purse, water, snacks, and swim suits for the kids just in case we end up near water.

3. Small Zipper Bags. You can carry everything from toiletries to Polly Pockets and crayons in zipper bags. It makes going through security a breeze, and helps lessen the clutter of your carry-on with in-flight.

4. Kids “Distraction Packs”. The key to a successful flight with kids is the art of distraction. One of my favorite parts of a trip is surprising my kids with distraction packs. I don’t let them open them until we are past airport security so that there is anticipation and reward for good behavior. To fill their packs, I usually go to the dollar bins at Target and grab small items like flash cards, crayons, and bingo cards. I make sure to include a lot of snacks and headphones for the iPad to keep them occupied. It’s also helpful to bring along a sweet treat to bribe your little ones with during ascent and descent, when they may get a bit antsy and you need them to stay sitting still.

For more hip packing tips and ideas, check out our Pinterest board.

What packing tricks work for your family when headed on a family trip? Let us know in the comments below!

Images compliments of MerinDesigns.com and Biaggi.com.

Disclosure: Biaggi provided a bag for Hip Travel Mama’s consideration, but were not required to write or express any opinions about the product. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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