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There’s something about the adventurous spirit of a sailor that’s exciting, dreamy, and sexy. The rugged beauty of his ship, set loose on an unforgiving sea, has me dreaming of escaping the norm and setting sail on my own exploration. But, oh, that’s right I have four kids, and a job, and a mortgage. Hmmmm… OK, I’ll settle for implanting some of that same spirit in my home, and on my person, in hope that a few nautical knick knacks will be enough to satiate my longing for adventure.

I was surprised to find that there is no shortage of maritime folly on our favorite handmade site, – seems like I’m not the only one looking to add pops of the sea and her treasures into my life. I’m in love with BlackBaroque’s ocean life prints on antique pages; bexpert’s international signals series (and their kids’ versions that I have not shown but are worth checking out); mysparrow’s gorgeous signal flags pillows need a home (and if you don’t put them in yours, they may just end up in mine!); ikabags does a very cool throw-it-all-in stripe messenger; and Untamed Menagerie’s Marine Antoinette just makes me giggle.

Anchors away!

Left to right, top to bottom: Ship Print on Antique 1890 Book Page, $10, BlackBaroque; Pirate Ship Royal Blue Kids’ T-Shirt, $14, happyfamily; Keep Calm and Sail On, $15, KeepCalmShop; French Friends Necklace, $40, iadornu; Original Mixed Media Assemblage Art – Sailor, $25, dadadreams; Beach Crab Shaped Recycled/Upcycled Crayons, $24 set of 20, ivylanedesigns; Boat, Whale and Wheel Patchwork Mash Ups, $21 set of 3, merriweathercouncil; Vintage Monkeys Paw Nautical Know Door stop, $12, RoyalWe; Sailor’s Lover Blouse, $79, esoneofone; Red and White Striped Sailor Top and Navy Pants, $55, ThePeaGreenBoat; Hand Printed Sporting Emblem Cushion in Vintage Red, $56, helkatdesign

Left to right, top to bottom: Letter D International Boat Code Flag, $15, bexpert; Cuttlefish and Seahorse Vintage Brass Cuff Bracelet, $25, uniqueartpendants; Anchors Away Antique Black Glass Buttons, $3.50 set of 6, OldeTymeNotions; ‘The Educated Sailor’ Original Mixed Media Illustration, $200, NanLawson; Stockholm Navy and White Pleated French Messenger Bag, $39, ikabags; Come Sail Away Brass Boat, $23, rescueme; Navy Crab Newborn Beanie, $22, NinisHandmades; Nautical Felt Party Banner, $35, TaffieWishes; ‘Navigation’ Original Mixed Media Artwork, $200, bellazia; Vintage Nautical Signal Flag Pillow Blue and White X, $89, mysparrow; Horses at Sea Journal No. 2 of Antique Chaps and Sailors Rope, $80, TheBlackSpotBooks; Marine Antoinette, $18, UntamedMenagerie

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