Ok, friends. Ready to get started on your trip planning? We’ve combed through eight years (!) of blog posts, contributed articles TV interviews, and social media posts to bring you the “best of” Hip Travel Mama. We know you don’t have much time to read lengthy blog posts. You love the photos. You want the quick scan. A few quick tips to help you book. We get it. We do too. So we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve archived eight years of travel tips. Documented our favorite hotels, destinations and itineraries. We have more trips on the books this year. We are busy too – squeezing trips in the margins of everyday family life. We are the masters of finding last minute deals on travel. Because that’s how we fit it in to today’s modern family life, right?

Explore the new site in these new buckets:

Travel tips – A compilation of eight years of travel tips, TV interviews and expert advice to start planning your next trip.

Places to go – Some of our favorite destinations. Roadtrips, beach vacations, international adventures, city escapes, and more. We’ve compiled our adventures over the years and the list continues to grow.

Where to stay – We love to discover new hotels. The more style and personality, the better. Here are some of our favorite places to stay.

On TV – I love sharing travel tips on camera. Here you will find an archive of TV interviews, videos and news segments. Are you a show producer or brand looking for an experienced on-camera spokesperson? Let’s connect by email [anne at hiptravelmama dot com].

Blog – Especially in today’s world, we need honesty and authenticity. I’ve also created a new space for us to talk about the challenges navigating life between trips – pursuing our dreams and finding our true north. This is where real life meets our goals, dreams and wanderlust. Have a topic you’d love to discuss? Let me know.

Podcast – I’ve been voraciously digesting podcasts over the last couple years. I love how convenient it is to listen to podcasts when I’m on the road, out for a run, walking my dog, or cleaning my house. I’m creating space for this and we’ll see how it develops!

Click the explore buttons to navigate to different sections. And of course, at any time you can hit search on the top left navigation and insert your destination. Don’t see what you are looking for or have a question? Share a message with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we’ll connect you with someone who can help.



Did you know you can save Hip Travel Mama as an app tile on your iPhone home screen for easy access on the go? Here’s a visual step-by-step how to:


Step 1: pull up hiptravelmama.com on your mobile browser.

Step 2: swipe up to reveal the menu. Click on “Add to Home Screen +” button.

Step 3: check your home screen for the HTM badge! That’s it! Access it anytime you need a little dose of travel inspiration.


So, there you have it. A new site (and a new attitude) that reflects my growth and evolution over the last eight years. The new logo signifies the soul searching journey I’ve been navigating over the last few years to find my way back to my true north and stay focused on my own path and timeline. I got so caught up in the busy-ness of the business of blogging, that I lost my sense of direction that started me on this journey in the first place. This is all part of the process of learning and growing.

As I talk about in my recent post, Growing Up, my kids are growing up and so am I.  I am learning to hold things loosely. How to be smarter and more efficient with my time. To continue to invest deeply in the people and priorities that are most important to me, and let go of the rest. My goal is not to be the biggest travel site on the Internet, or the largest catalog of searchable destinations. There are already hundreds of places online for that. I’m raising a family and I’m navigating this constant juggle for time and resources JUST LIKE YOU. Here you will find travel tips, honest conversations and inspiration for finding your own north, whatever that looks like for you.

My mission is to continue to grow and support you, my tribe, to pursue your dreams, your travels and inspire you to raise more connected and culturally aware families through travel. Because THAT feels like my calling. My true north. To travel more together, and to inspire you to do the same.

Thanks for joining me for this journey!


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