Los Cabos, located on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, holds a special place in my heart. When my husband and I were in college, we took one of our first trips together to Los Cabos. Two kids and nearly 20 years later, we chose to spend a romantic weekend in Cabo to celebrate, and decided to trade in our crazy tequila shooter, partying days for a more relaxed, romantic Cabo getaway and party-for-two-by-the-pool-spa-and-eat-and-drink, kind of weekend in Cabo. This is the beauty of Cabo – no matter your budget or travel style – there are an abundance of Cabo hotels and experience for every type of traveler. Whether you are a college student, outdoor adventurer, romance seeker, golfer, fisherman, or beach bum, chances are, you can find it in Cabo amid the palm trees, warm ocean breezes, sand, and surf.

On Sept 14, 2014 Los Cabos and the Baja Peninsula was hit hard by Hurricane Odile and is still recovering from one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record to make landfall on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. When the Hurricane hit and the news reports started coming in, I couldn’t stop thinking about the many hotel employees and their families impacted by the storm and how I wanted to help. Today, many airlines like Alaska Air resumed flights to #Unstoppable Cabo, hotels have reopened, and with many properties undergoing extensive renovations, Cabo may just be better than ever for tourists. To do our part in supporting the beauty of Cabo and it’s people, my colleague, Natalie DiScala with Oh! Travelissima and I will be hosting a special Los Cabos themed #TravelWellDesigned chat on Tuesday, Nov 11 at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

So come join us to get inspired so many beautiful, luxury Cabo hotels and we’ll share a few of our favorites and shine a light on the beauty and style of Cabo’s well designed hotels.

cabo chat


I shared just a few Cabo all-inclusive hotels and deals in my latest Q13FOX News segment.

Anne Taylor Hartzell Q13FOX Cabo deals 

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