Mixologist Fred Sconfienza + Zane Lamprey host of "Drinking Made Easy"

Hawaii beach vacations summon visions of warm sun, sandy beaches and tropical fruity cocktails poolside. So just for fun, we thought we’d share a few of the frosty beverage recipes from master Maui mixologist, Fred Sconfienza at  Tropica Restaurant and Bar the signature restaurant at The Westin Maui Resort and Spa. Tropica is a hidden gem of a restaurant right on the Ka’anapali walking path at the Westin Maui, with some of the best tropical cocktails, gorgeous sunset views and extraordinary food you’d expect from a Westin property.

Last spring, “Drinking Made Easy” host, Zane Lamprey visited Tropica Bar to learn how Fred and his team are reinventing tropical cocktails for their guests. Tropica sources local produce from around the islands of Hawaii to bring the freshest local ingredients to various dishes and cocktails on its menu. I met the team at the bar to learn how they make these masterful tropical treats, so as you plan your Maui vacation, you can bring a little Aloha home!

No Ka Oi Mai Tai

Westin Maui's signature Mai Tai. Image source: Westin Maui Resort

Maui Pineapple Rum is exclusively distributed by Haleakala Distillers to The Westin Maui Resort & Spa. The liqueur is locally distilled in Maui and is the only rum that uses Maui grown pineapples and sugar cane, adding a fresh and vibrant flavor. Its eco-friendly too as the resort bartenders return the empty bottles completed with caps to the distiller to be sanitized and filled with Maui Pineapple Rum.

¾ oz                 Maui Pineapple Rum

½ oz                 Orange Curacao

2 oz                  Pineapple Juice (fresh)

1 oz                  Orange Juice (freshly squeezed)

¾ oz                 Maui Dark Rum

1 wedge Lime

Ice Cubes

Being a layered cocktail, start with a few ice cubes in a tropical or rose tulip glass.
Add pineapple rum and orange curacao.
Add both juices, followed by freshly squeezed lime, top it with dark rum float.

Dragonberry Bomb

dragonberry bomb - winner of Maui Mixology contest. Source: Westin Maui

Tropica Bar bartender mixologist Fred Sconfienza won the top award for this cocktail at the Maui Mixology Contest. This was one of my favorites! Light and fruity.

1½ oz                Bacardi Dragonberry Rum

¾ oz                 Elderflower Liqueur

3-4 nos              Fresh Blackberries

½ oz                 Limes (freshly squeezed)

½ oz                 Sugar Cane Syrup

Ice Cubes

Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker.
Muddle for a few seconds, then shake vigorously.
Serve in a low bar rock glass or bucket glass.


Upcountry Spice

Upcountry Spice with a kick of Cayenne. Source: Westin Maui

I love the subtle and refreshing kick of cayenne in the finish of this fruity beverage.

1½ oz                Stoli Orange Vodka

¾ oz                 Elderflower Liqueur

¼ oz                 Passion Fruit Syrup

½ oz                 Lime (freshly squeezed)

3 nos                 Kula Strawberries (fresh)

Pinch                Cayenne Pepper

Soda Water

Ice Cubes


Muddle the strawberries in a cocktail shaker for 5 to 10 seconds.
Add the rest of the ingredients and shake well.
Pour into a pilsner glass, top with a splash of soda water and serve.

Tahitian Princess

The infusion of Tahitian vanilla beans makes this cocktail wonderfully flavorful without being too sweet.

tahitian princess takes the pina colada up a notch. Source: Westin Maui

2 oz                  Homemade Liqueur (see below on preparation)

1 no                  Pineapple Chunk (from the liqueur above)

1 oz                  Passion Fruit Syrup

½ oz                 Orange Curacao

Ice Cubes

To Make Homemade Liqueur

1 bottle Vodka

4 nos                 Vanilla Beans

1 no                  Maui Pineapple

To make the Homemade Liqueur

Cut cleaned pineapple into quarter chunks.
Place into a large container (with airtight lid) and add vodka.
Leave the closed container at room temperature for 3 to 5 days to allow the fruit to bleach out. Strain and ready to use.

To make the cocktail

Blend the cocktail ingredients well.
Pour into a tropical glass and garnish with a pineapple chunk.

Nutty Hawaiian

sweet heaven this is delicious. Source: The Westin Maui

Lovers of the chocolate martini will have a new favorite dessert drink in the Nutty Hawaiian. The macadamia nut rim adds a nutty twist to the yummy mix of coconut, vanilla and macadamia nut flavors.

¾ oz                 Macadamia Nut Liqueur

½ oz                 Stoli Vanilla Vodka

¼ oz                 Coconut Syrup

½ oz                 Sweet Cream

Ice Cubes


½ oz                 Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Hershey Liquid Chocolate (for garnish)

Crushed Macadamia Nuts (for garnish)

Blend ingredients over ice.
Dip the rim of the martini glass into liquid chocolate, followed by crushed nuts. Pour the blended mix into the glass. Top it with dark chocolate liqueur.

So next time you are on Ka’anapali beach and waiting an hour for a table at some at an overcrowded restaurant, make sure you make Tropica your first stop. They have spectacular views, food and cocktails perfect for a family night out, date night, or girlfriends night out!


Note: We were guests of the Westin Maui Resort and Spa and received a reduced media rate for our stay, but were not required to write or express any opinions about our stay.

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