This is a guest post from Mamacation guest speaker Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, CEO of PowerChicks International, community builder, champion of women and lover of dreaming – and achieving – crazy-big stuff. 

With two kids, two businesses and too many to-dos to even fit on a list, I want work-life balance. Badly.

What mom doesn’t? Stress in our lives is totally out of whack with so many responsibilities and so little time. The idea of heading into our days – shoehorned as they are with kids to pick up, appointments to keep, groceries to buy, and an overflowing workload – being “balanced” sounds lovely indeed.

But balance is bogus. It doesn’t exist. Can’t be done.

Writer and single mom Danielle LaPorte recently wrote this: “The pursuit of balance makes us juggle. It puts us behind (always behind), makes us (feel) guilty, neglectful, imbalanced…..You can never get it right. Striving for balance is a losing game.”

So, if balance doesn’t work, can you move through your days with less stress and more ease? You can. A few tips to get you there:

Get real

Reality means you’re willing to take stock of your life. That’s right, go for a deep-dive look. Take stock of everything you do each day, week and month. Honestly, is it even possible to accomplish everything? No way, sista. Bring grace and compassion into the mental chatter in your head; give judgment and guilt the boot.

Make time

Stressed out, some of us try to be better managers (at home or work), others go into martyrdom mode, and the truly talented grab the gold by going for both. A better idea: shift your perspective from outward demands and take time for you. Even 10 minutes during a harried morning helps. But don’t stop there – pull out your calendar and schedule what you enjoy: a movie night with your partner, girlfriend time, or a solitary walk.


We all know it – multitasking means being distracted and doing lots of things, none of them well. Try this instead: Move toward being 100% focused on what’s in front of you. When you’re working, work. When you’re helping with homework, help with homework. When you’re hugging your kids, hug your kids. Life moves at break-neck speed; don’t miss it!

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Take time for you – cuz if mama ‘aint happy, ‘aint nobody happy.

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