I received a great note via Twitter this weekend from WeJustGotBack.com in response to my post Deep Discounts and Upgrades. They have some fabulous recession travel tips for saving money on travel this year in their post, 20 Recession Travel Rules: Surefire ways to get more vacation for less.

Some of my favorites:
Always do the math.
Think you’re a savvy traveler? Well, here’s a question for you. Which is the best hotel deal: One that delivers (A) 50% off your second night, (B) your fourth night free, or (C) 30% off your nightly rate? Go ahead and get a pen and paper. Or a calculator. Or a fifth grader. We’ll wait.” read more here.

Haggle for your hotel room. Pricing is all about supply and demand. Hotel managers get nervous when there aren’t enough heads on beds, which leaves you, the customer, with more leverage.

Aim for the season’s fringes. Even at the most popular resorts, certain weeks sell out more slowly, or not at all. Note: It is always a great strategy to travel “off-peak” times. This can be determined by both seasonal weather and school breaks. If you have young children, or are willing to pull kids out of school to travel a bit before/after everyone else is on holiday, this can add up to substantial savings on airfare, hotel and other activities.

The food and entertainment part of your budget can add up quickly. Wejustgotback.com has some other great tips for saving once you get there:

Snag CVB coupons. Always, always, always visit the online version of your destination’s tourism office or convention and visitors bureau.

Buy an Entertainment Book. There are 154 editions, including Orlando, Washington DC, Vermont, Denver, Hawaii, San Diego, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and New York City. Each book is jam-packed with freebies, two-for-one admissions, and discounts to exactly the sort of places your family is likely to visit: local restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses, museums, movie cinemas, local theaters, kids’ attractions, zoos, ski resorts, drug stores, and much more.

What are other creative ways you’ve saved money on travel in this economy?


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